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SM@5 Presents: Zilyfe Hub Product Introduction

Sadomba-Mahari Computers gives you the new face of Zilyfe.com - Zilyfe Hub. The new face of Zilyfe is an integrated information portal featuring the latest local and international news extracts from Zimbabwe's top news websites and blogs, as well as links to other Zilyfe sites such as for ads, dating, tourism, polls and videos.

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SM@5 Presents: Founders on the History of SM

As Sadomba-Mahari Computers celebrates its 5th Anniversary, SMC Founders talk about the history of SM from before the company was incorporated in September 2009.

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SM turns 5: #SMis5 / SM@5 Promo

From the 16th of September to the 31st of October 2014, Sadomba-Mahari Computers celebrates its 5th Anniversary. During that time, the SM Movie Studios will showcase feature clips, interviews, future products, promotions and events related to the festivities... so keep your eyes on smmovies.net!!!

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Elements: Genesis 3D - Trailer Release

Check out the trailer for Elements: Genesis 3D... Premiere date to be announced shortly!!!

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